African Renaissance Collection

picture by Erin De Swart, designed by Siphelele Ntombela

Siphelele Ntombela is from Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, he graduated in Textile Design at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In 2017 Siphelele Ntombela designed the African inspired Mohair Range called African Renaissance Collection.

The Range was inspired by the book Tribe to Township by Peter Becker, which talks about the lives of Africans pre-colonization and after colonization. The concept of colonization was the focal inspiration of the range, where Africans went to the cities to find jobs and were influenced by the Western Culture. This shift birthed a lot of South African Styles in the Township e.g Panstula and Skhothane.

  African Renaissance Collection takes influence from the western culture but embraces the cultural aesthestics of the Zulu culture. The triangular patterns on the garments are inspired by the Zulu earrings worn by the women. The male garment consist of three pieces which are the cardigan, Sleeveless Suit Jersey and Ibeshu. “iBeshu is the rear apron made from calf skin (from stillborn or dead calves). Those of young men involved in active pursuits are knee length whilst those of the older men are ankle length” (Zulu Culture, N/a). The female garment has four pieces which is the dress, belt, scarf and isiColo. IsiColo is a hat worn by married women.     

These garments were showcased at The Collective Graduate Fashion show which won third place and Bay Fashion Sunday.


Influential Tips into becoming a successful Entrepreneur

Rebrand Your Business

It can be a risky approach in business but strategically it can reward the entity with commercial benefits.

Innovational Expanding Of The Business

Create a growth approach for your business by implementing platforms to attract Venture Capitalist , venturing into investing in markets beneficial to your niche and pursue into locating right leaders to manage within your business with the same vision as you.

Find Mentorship

Always surround yourself with trusted advisors who has your best interests in mind a person who doesn’t shy away in sharing success codes to assist you to be great in business.

Learn To Take Calculated Risks

Learn to invest in long-term investments in guidance of financial advisors with accredited FSP licenses to minimize the risk of losing yours business assets within markets.

Adopt To Serve

Learn to lead with example within the business , a true eagered leader leads with respect , honest , transparency and integrity.Customer service is a  crypto currency to yield profitable returns for your business , because the more you respect and appreciate a person the more they feel comfortable and gaining your trust at the same time.

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