Library Construction World is a company providing services such as entertainment , event management , selling of ebooks , marketing , advertising and promotions , music publisher , retailer  and blogging.

Library  Construction Word Pty ( Ltd ) was founded by Lungelo Ntombela from Ladysmith , KwaZulu – Natal , South Africa whose also CEO.The company was founded based on the aim for collaboration of creative individuals in order to produce services within the entertainment industry , that will cater for every musical genre and artistic field , including scouting for unrecognized talent , education , fashion and awareness of Entertainment Ethics and producing quality music and Art without exploitation.Creating a union of young and old , past and future to maintain and empower originality therefore Library Construction World Pty ( Ltd ) is there to make your dreams come true.

Library Construction World Pty ( Ltd ) also offers a variety of services to cater for different companies and organizations , such as professional Production team , organizing events , talent Scouting and PR .We as Library Construction World Pty ( Ltd ) do not only focus on our hometown but within South Africa as a whole.We as a company have passion in seeing and helping others strive to their dreams , and get an opportunity to focus on their dreams instead of being in the street consuming drugs , being active in crime and end up not being the people they want to be.

Library Construction Wolrd  Pty ( Ltd ) has branched its services out into other regions of the country such as Port Elizabeth , Gauteng and Durban .We have worked alongside , Nelson Mandela University , Cinnamon Denise ( Atlanta , USA Jazz Artist ) , Creatives to Creatives , Collen Zondo ( Gagasi FM broadcaster and DJ )  and DJ Merlon ( Deep Winter Session – 2018 ).


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  1. it is a wonderful job indeed and a creativity that you as a young South African manage to do such a skillful work/art of this nature this is state of the art well done train others develop others excel in what you are doing never give up be courageous overcome obstacle you will win all the the persevere in what you do God bless You and the entire company


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